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One of the vital problems that a green NGO face is the lack of seeds, On the other hand, Research estimates that on average every middle-class household in India waste 1 gallon of seeds every year, peak season being Summers. Latent seed matters, to combat the above issue Impact Orbit came up with a Unique solution to reduce seeds wastage- The Seeds Connect, watch the video to learn more!

The Problem

In Summers every household of  India savors the taste of  mangoes, but that's not the problem at all. The problem lies in the core part of the fruit. The core part of the fruit- The seeds is wasted as they are thrown off in garbage which end up being burnt and later dumped in landfills.

The Idea

The leftover part if the fruit- The seeds can be washed and stored in a container and one you collect a legitimate amount of seeds send the seeds to us, and leave the rest to us we will plant the seeds for you. You can make this extra effort to forester greenery on the planet.

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