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Hey change makers, you want to create impact and we get it. It’s hard not to focus on the headlines, the uncertainty, and the heartache. We’re all leaning on our houseplants — and each other — for support during these tough times.


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Impact Orbit Change Maker of the month



Impact Orbit is a social based startup run by students aiming to solve earth scale issues. We are an ensemble set of young entrepreneurs who resolve around a cause and fund unique solutions to combat them. Currently we are working on two orbital programs Inclusive India and seeds connect. Inclusive India intents to create comprehensive career avenues for peoples with special abilities across India. Seeds connect is a innovative mission foster greenery on the blue planet.

We are a team of  young, passionate and dedicated students who ambassador and fight for a cause, working quid-essentially on our orbital missions- Inclusive India and Seeds Connect. We believe that Collaborative and Coordinated efforts lead to instrumental differences and a curated solution.

Impact Orbit

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Every cause, at its core, is driven by a group of like-minded and passionate individuals. You have the power to turn an initiative that supports hundreds, into a movement that empowers millions.

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