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Inclusive India-disability fights back


Inclusion is the basis of national  unity

Inclusive India - Creating comprehensive career avenues for peoples with special abilities across India.

Inclusive India mission envisions to extend a helpful hand to people with special abilities by creating a career universe for the diversified segment of the society. We believe that Inclusion is the basis of national unity. We advocate for equality of opportunity. We desire a workplace where persons with or without any impairments are in same seats across a recruiter. That is simply it.

Inclusive India!

Seeds-Connect -
The need of a seed


In Summers every household of  India savors the taste of  mangoes, but that's not the problem at all. The problem lies in the core part of the fruit. The core part of the fruit- The seeds are wasted as they are thrown off in garbage which end up being burnt and later dumped in landfills.

So this brings our imagination to task and we bring in you Seeds-connect. A way to plant these latent seeds and foster greenery on the planet. Read and find out more! 

You just see seeds but I see plants...

Impactorbit brainstroming Ideas!

Orbital   Missions

The need of the hour is simply planting a seeeeed!

Impact Orbit Board of Ideas

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